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Total XPb Tokens in Circulation:
0.00 / 2,000,000.00

XPb Token Value:
1 XPb =
0.00 USD

Total XPb Market Cap:
0.00 USD

A Compendium of Magic and Whimsy for the Modern Blockchain Alchemist

The Book of Sublimation can be used by the crafty Alchemist to turn lead into vapor through staking QuickSwap XPb/ETH LP tokens. For achieving this seemingly impossible feat, the gods of vaporware will reward you with their favourite store of value, the USDT Stablecoin.
By staking QuickSwap XPb/ETH LP tokens into the Sublimation Pool, aspiring alchemists will begin accumulating Sublimation Rights, which grant the ability to turn lead (XPb) to vapor, effectively burning it off the blockchain forever.

Sublimation reactions are guaranteed to work every time and like the initial staking of tokens, also require L2 lead (XPb) to operate.
Sublimated XPb tokens are safekept in the L2 Sublimation Vault and are burned en-masse off the L1 Ethereum blockchain on a weekly basis in circle-shaped hermetic ceremonies.

Here are the exact underpinnings of the sublimation reaction:
- Sublimation Rights generation rate: 0,0000007 XPb per minute for 1 XPb contributed to Quickswap liquidity (~ 1 XPb per day for every 1,000 XPb liquidity contributed)

Link your Inner Alchemist
Connect your wallet

Pledge of the Alchemist
Contribute XPb-ETH liquidity to Quickswap and stake resulting LPs for Sublimation Rights

Live Staking Entries:
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Total Active Stake:
] 0.000000 LP

Associated XPb Amount:
0.000000 XPb

Sublimation Rights Generation:
0.000000 / day

Book of Sublimation
Turn your Lead (XPb) vapor and claim your just rewards

- Base Sublimation Reward: 1XPb = Uniswap XPb/USDT price rounded up to the next integer value (1 XPb = $1.24 => Base Sublimation Reward = $2.00)
The yield of the sublimation formula is increased each week by the Staking Time Multiplier, for up to 7 weeks, as follows:
- Staking Time Multiplier: week1: 1.0x, week2: 1.1x, week3: 1.3x, week4: 1.6x, week5: 2.0x, week6: 2.5x, week7+: 3.1x
After the 7th week, the sublimation yield is maintained at its peak rate for the lifetime of the sublimation entry.

- Every alchemist may have a maximum of 101 active staking entries at any given time.
- Each entry ages independently and yields increasingly more valuable results as time passes.
- Lead is sublimated from all active staking entries, starting with the oldest.
- Unstaking and reclaiming of liquidity tokens is also performed starting from the oldest entry.


Dear Apprentice Alchemist,
Before you lies the infamous chapter on Transmutation, which grants you command of the awesome Transmutation Engine.

The magic formulas within this chapter harbor the power of the philosopher's stone, capable of transforming base metals into golden treasure and making kings out of ordinary men.

Even if the impossibility of transmutation has been debated amongst alchemists, philosophers, and scientists since the Middle Ages, many illustrious scholars have tried their hand at harnessing the enthralling powers of this tome.
And while you may easily become richer than you ever dreamed of, never be without caution or humility, as many of the ones who came before you have seen their fortunes wither away into nothingness trying to battle the demon that controls these dark powers.

The Sublimation of Lead (XPb)
Turn lead to vapor and claim your just rewards

Available for Sublimation:
Accumulated Burn Rewards:

Sublimate Lead Here :

Instant APY Values: Week 1: 0.00%; Week 2: 0.00%; Week 3: 0.00%; Week 4: 0.00%; Week 5: 0.00%; Week 6: 0.00%; Week 7+: 0.00%;
* APY calculation assumes a staking period of 1 year.
Book of Transmutation
Turn your Lead (XPb) into one of 7 magical tokens

Lead Token:
1 XPb =
0.00000 ETH
1 XPb =
0.00 USD

Result Token:
1 ??? =
0.00000 ETH
1 ??? =
0.00 USD

Token Value quotes are Uniswap price averages over the last 50 blocks (). Quotes Refresh automatically.
Book of Transmutation
Turn your Lead (XPb) into one of 7 magical tokens

To attempt your first transmutation, choose a formula on the next page and place your desired amount of Lead (XPb) into the receptacle.
The Transmutation Engine is not something governed by the rules of our mortal world and each time it sets in motion results are surprising and wildly different.

The mystery of the Transmutation Engine is that nobody knows exactly how much lead is just enough for a successful reaction each time. However one thing is for sure: the more Lead you put in, the higher the chance your transmutation will succeed.
The minimum quantity of Lead necessary for success is only evident once the Transmutation Engine has worked its magic, but by that time it is already too late to change anything.


Gather round, alchemists! The final chapter brings forth a challenge that you will want to undertake with your friends and your foes as well.
Hard to understand but impossible to master, the Discord Experiment is a daily game that begins at dawn and ends after the sun has set, which will have you choosing one of seven different sides, each pertaining to one of seven planetary metals:

Lead - 1.00 XPb
Copper - 2.00 XPb
Tin - 3.00 XPb
Mercury - 4.00 XPb
Iron - 5.00 XPb
Silver - 6.00 XPb
Gold - 7.00 XPb

To take part in the daily experiment, you need to commit between 1 and 7 pieces of lead to a central pot, corresponding to the metal you have chosen.

At the end of the day, the metal with the lowest number of patrons wins and the gathered pot of lead(XPb) is split among its patrons evenly.

Transmutation Formula
This is what you will be attempting. Choose wisely:


The Discord Experiment
A most interesting and unpredictable social exercise

Every day at 12:00a.m. UTC, the Discord Experiment begins and awaits new participants.
You have until 11:00p.m. UTC to chose which of the 7 sides you wish to take and register your intent in secret with the Engine of Discord.
After this time has past, during the last hour of the day, participants unlock their registered choice and the Engine of Discord will attempt to collect the committed lead (XPb) from all wallets that have registered.
The Discord Engine then distributes the gathered XPb among subscribers of the metal with the lowest number of patrons.

Note I: You have the option to register and also send your committed lead(XPb) right away or at any time during the day until 11:00 UTC. Doing this will reveal your choice to everyone else.

Note 2: If you register your intent with the Engine of Discord, you are under no obligation to actually go through with your commitment. This can be used as a tool of deception and mischief. However, keep in mind that addresses that go down this path will be publicly marked as scoundrels for 30 days.

Note 3: It is perfectly acceptable for you to register and/or commit multiple entries, towards one or more of the 7 metals. But remember that during a live experiment, a wallet has the same decryption key for all submitted intents. So should you have multiple secret intents submitted, unlocking one will unlock all the others as well.

Choose wisely and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Discord Experiment
This is what you will be attempting. Choose wisely:

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